Meet us at MAGFest in Washington, DC where we will be demonstrating the game in person. Meet the designers and engineers behind this madness. 

We don't have a booth but we will be walking throughout MAGFest wearing ORB shirts. We have some guardians of the galaxy helping us keep ORB safe. Come up to us at any time and say hello and you may just get something in return!



08/11/2016 4:25am

I am sad because i can enjoy in that special festival because of too much job in my office. But i a m thankful to this writer for telling us about this festival because getting information on other pages is not easy really.

10/07/2016 4:21am

I am sure it was a great event. I hope I will meet you next time.

01/17/2017 12:56am

What can I get in return from you? Just interesting)

02/26/2017 8:26am

03/15/2017 1:50am

I'll be attending MAGFest because of so many reasons. One of that is to familiarize myself to this new game! Thank you for extending your help. This is really a good chance, and promotion as well.Many players have expressed their desire to the game. I'm pretty sure this demonstration would be attended by many. WE all know ORB is kind of complicated game, but with the right amount of demonstration and practice, players would surely master this one! See you all at MAGFest!

03/31/2017 6:35am

Many people find that shopping partners are more akin to accomplices in crime! They can egg us on to making purchases that we don’t want or need, and can have their own (sometimes unconscious) motives for encouraging us to shop.

05/07/2017 3:20am



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